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About the Course
Hi I’m Jonathan Bender, former NBA player with the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks. If you haven’t seen my story in the national press, knee injuries threatened my NBA career. But rather than sit back and let that happen, I took a few years off to discover my own cure. Instead of just masking the pain – and worsening the underlying injury – the cure I discovered got to the root of what was causing the pain.  

With Boost Rehab & Fitness, I wanted to give you the use of the same physical therapy and rehab techniques that I used to regain the strength, flexibility and balance in my knees, back, and all my major joints and muscle groups.

Even though all my doctors, physical therapists and pain-relief techniques failed me, I healed myself with the exercises that I want to show you inside Boost Rehab & Fitness.

I hope that you’ll check out my Boost Fitness & Rehab program for free. These exercises worked for me, and I guarantee they’ll work for you too.

In this weekly video training program, you’ll work alongside my friend and colleague, Dr. Frank Klene, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist...

Frank’s Simple Exercises Will Boost Your Strength, Balance and Mobility

Go At Your Own Pace – As Slow Or As Fast As You Like

Progress from ‘Beginner’… to ‘Intermediate’… to ‘Advanced’ With Simple Exercises For Any Age 

Clear, Easy-To-Follow Expert Instruction With Videos Showing All Angles

No equipment necessary!

Perfect To Pair With Your Physical Therapy and Rehab Exercises
The Free Course!


Boost Rehab & Fitness is a year-long rehab and fitness exercise training program created especially for people who have been troubled by injuries in the past, and have little or no experience working out in gyms and fitness centers.

Boost integrates flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, comprehensive strength training, and balance training, all organized by three progressive levels of intensity - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 

Here’s what the video training program includes: 

New video delivered via the online portal once a week for a whole year
Each session is 30 minutes long, including warm up, progressive activation of all major muscle groups, and cool-down stretch
11-Week Beginner Series with low-impact and light-resistance 
26-Week Intermediate Series with more resistance 
15-Week Advanced Series to continue building the strength, balance, and mobility 

A whole year of physical therapy or personal training at a fitness center will run you into the thousands of dollars… 

We’re offering this $97 course today for FREE

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