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The Pain Free Life
Doctors, physical therapist, trainers and normal people explain why the JBIT MedPro is a must have for individuals in pain.
Once In a Life Time Opportunity
Learn more about the once in a lifetime opportunity that will be awarded to a few but will change the lives of many!
The Therapeutic Pain Market Disrupter
How this simple product disrupts a 35 Billion market.
The JB Intensive Trainer is our flagship product for a reason and that reason is simple.....It gets results!... And fast, we're talking within a few steps fast. Testimonials about the JBIT decreasing agonizing knee, back, sciatic nerve pain and increasing mobility in record time has been the main reason this product in a class of its own.
Our Flagship Product Works With The Following Conditions
  •   Knee Arthritis
  •  Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
  •  Cartilage Injuries
  •  Meniscus Tears
  •  Knee Replacement Surgery Prevention & Recovery
  •  Back Pain
  •  Planter Fasciitis
  •  Sciatica
  •  Mobility Improvement
  •  Overcompensation Prevention
  •  Weight Loss
"We Take Pride In The Fact That Our Products Continue to Deliver Immediate Results to Our Clients...Saving Them Money, Time and more Importantly...Pain."
Jonathan Bender
CEO of JB3 Innovations
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